Wild and Willing Heart

Beautiful Iselin contacted me with her idea… taking our boudoir shoot out into nature and shooting with a horse. Would I be keen? OMG yes! I had always wanted to do a shoot with horses. I had flashbacks to Barbie and her equestrian outfits so on the day I donned my black jodhpurs and black leather boots. Camera bag on. Ready.

Iselin and I arrived at the site to meet two majestic creatures - Banjo and Kona. They were big. It had been a while since I’d been around horses… I’d forgotten just how magnificent they were. And tall.

Haley from White Horse Lodge suggested we take them to the river and shoot there. It would be a bath and a photoshoot in one. She looked at my outfit. Turns out Haley runs re-wilding retreats. I looked down at my outfit - I felt like a city slicker.

We led the horses down to the river. The sun had passed over and was now behind the trees. We were the only ones there and it was magic. I took off my boots. And pants. And proceeded to do the shoot in my G-banger. It was a challenge shooting in water up to these incredibly tall creatures but it was amazing… I loved every second.

Iselin was the picture of calm in leading them and guiding them through… holding tranquil poses while Banjo and Kona had other ideas - playing in the water, splashing around, walking off. Can you tell? I think she did an incredible job!

A HUGE thank you to Haley from White Horse Lodge for allowing us to shoot with her beautiful boys and for my own little re-wilding afternoon. I hope you enjoy the photos! Scroll down to learn more of Iselin and read one of her beautiful poems…

Byron Bay Boudoir Photography Nature Horses.jpg
Jodi Plumbley Boudoir Photography Byron Bay Horse Riding.jpg
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Byron Bay Boudoir Photographer Jodi Plumbley.jpg
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Byron Bay Boudoir Photographer Jodi Plumbley.jpg
Byron Bay Boudoir Photography Jodi Plumbley.jpg
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Iselin is a yoga teacher, raw cake maker and poet… I can’t post this without sharing one of her beautiful pieces…

“I want to be that person who looks you in the eye and that really meets you. I hope to be the girl who keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground beneath her, and that when you think of me, you think of softness and peace. That you feel contentment; not suppressed emotions or pain that has been stored in dark corners of my being, because it never got my undivided attention.

I want to be her who remembers to meet herself in the mirror before she runs out the door in the morning, and who welcomes herself back every evening. Who knows when it is time to pause. Who has learnt to breathe deeply.

I want to be the woman with a warm embrace and a willing heart; who speaks of truth with her actions, who feels like truth.
I hope I always find it in me to appreciate the sunlight as it flickers through the window in the early morning hours, even during times there’s a storm raging outside. Especially then.

I hope that when I wake up alone, I will feel content; and when I don’t, remember the ways in which I can come back to myself; because I love being in my own company; because I know who I am.
I want to be her who creates time to sit in silence. The one who always always listens.

I want to hold my friends close, to kiss their faces as often as I can, and tell them “I love you”, as I feel how my body is filled with so much love. And perhaps most of all that is what I wish for; I wish for love to flood my veins and for my entire being to be the wild, wonderful and powerful embodiment of love.”

If you would like to find more of Iselin’s heartfelt prose you can check out her website - www.dharmatales.com or her instagram HERE

If you’d like to give me my next photo shoot challenge get in touch!

Jodi x

From Her to Eternity

I hadn’t brought music to the shoot like I normally would.

It didn’t feel right to make noise on this sacred land.

This morning all we had was stillness.

I would like to acknowledge the Arakwal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

I would also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present of the Bundjalung nation.

A huge thank you to Birralee for trusting me with this shoot. You, my dear, are magic!


If you want to create magic of your own and have beautiful memories to capture your feminine essence get in touch here x

Fast Cars + Faux Fur with Burlesque Star Nicole Melrose

I've been lucky enough to work with beautiful Nicole on two occasions now...  We first met at the great Peter Coulson's photography workshop in Melbourne where I got to learn studio lighting and shoot some lingerie glamour with Nicole. 

On her last trip to the Gold Coast Nicole contacted me to shoot, the universe aligned and we squeezed in an afternoon of fun! 


Being a short notice shoot we didn't have a location in mind... I wanted to try something different and I know Nicole is always up for a challenge so we ended up on a rooftop carpark with a brand new E-Class Mercedes Benz - something different indeed! 


Nicole Melrose works as an actress, model, jazz singer and burlesque performer. She has a studied background in dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary) and performing arts (film, theatre and television) which she has acquired through local and international training. Nicole Melrose has been modelling since 2004 and has appeared in various magazines so I thought who better to ask for some advice on how to bring your A-game to a photoshoot?! 


I love Nicole’s advice and her take on performing for the camera…

“When I’m in front of a camera I feel as if I am being given permission to do or behave in any way or role I desire. Depending on the attire and direction I am given, my performance will sway. To me it’s a freedom that I rarely get to indulge in, in daily life. I’m able to become the child again that used to play games and fantasize about being a princess, warrior, animal or anything, it’s limitless. It is excruciatingly nerve-racking (for me) before I am made up and playing but I keep in mind that the playground isn’t far away. Your mind goes to a magical place which leaks through your eyes and into the photograph. I think that is a step to creating a beautiful picture. Working with Jodi was wonderful too. Working with any photographer that you are at ease with and can communicate openly with I think is another key step to creating an encapsulating photograph.”

Hope you like our pics from the shoot! Have you always wanted to do a photoshoot in a car? This was such a great learning experience for me and I’m so keen to do it again! Get in touch if you are keen! All jackets and boots from this shoot are part of my complimentary wardrobe selection.


If you want to check out Nicole’s amazing performances you can follow her on Instagram HERE or you can find her at www.nicolemelrose.com

Until next time,

Jodi x