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Fashion Inspired Boudoir + Portrait Photography

Hi, I'm Jodi and I love connecting with women to encourage self love and create timeless images to be treasured.

For me, the photo-shoot is more than the photos you end up with... I want this to be an experience where you take time out for yourself where you can re-connect with your feminine. Time out from the to-do lists and go go go of everyday life... We start by getting to know each other so by the time the shoot day rolls around you feel so comfortable to come and just BE.

If you haven't had a photo shoot before I understand it can be a little daunting but I support you through the process making sure it's an enjoyable and empowering experience. I am here to bring out your natural beauty and accentuate the amazing uniqueness that others see and appreciate.

Thanks for visiting, take a look around, stay awhile and reach out if have any questions or want to book in a shoot.

Hope to meet you soon,
Jodi x

"Jodi is a true artist that takes the time to get to know who she is capturing, so she can show their truth. An absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderful, talented woman!"

- Lisa

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Boudoir Photography Byron Bay, Gold Coast & Brisbane

Boudoir photography is an intimate photographic style that captures the subject in a very natural and sensual setting. The art of boudoir photography has been around for a while now, with the 1920's kicking things off, when nudity in public images was a big no-no! Artists, such as Albert Arthur Allen, found a way to push these boundaries and started capturing romantic masterpieces in intimate settings. The French term “Boudoir” means a woman’s bedroom or small private quarters and was linked to this new style of photography. Since then the genre has evolved, breaking down taboos and continuing to push creative boundaries. It is now widely celebrated and highly encouraged, with these personal and intimate photos a beautiful gift to yourself or loved one that can be cherished forever.

Boudoir Photography, the perfect gift

Boudoir photo shoots are becoming a regular wedding, anniversary or special occasion gift between partners. As the photos can be as romantic and sexy as you allow yourself they are perfect for private enjoyment, and so many brides are investing in a boudoir photo shoot as a gift to their partner. Capturing the big day or special milestone in a creative and erotic image you will both fondly look back on! Big day approaching? Book a boudoir shoot in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron Bay.

Celebrate YOU with a Bespoke Shoot

A bespoke boudoir or portrait photo shoot is an incredible way to honour your authentic self and feel great! The core idea of boudoir photography is to celebrate the female form and encourage women to love their bodies, and why shouldn’t we?! There may be many reasons you decide to invest a bespoke shoot;

  • you hit an age milestone

  • you’ve experienced big changes in your life

  • you’ve achieved a personal goal

Whatever the reason, capturing a beautiful and authentic image you will cherish forever is a wonderful and liberating way to remind yourself how valuable and beautiful you are in your own unique way. Get in touch today and celebrate you with a bespoke boudoir or portrait shoot in Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Brisbane!

Maternity Photos + Boudoir Photography

Any expecting mum knows the feeling; you’re an ever-growing belly that just doesn’t feel quite as glamorous as you used to. It’s normal, and it’s also wonderful, you have your little human on the way soon! But how about spicing up those pregnancy photos you were considering and explore a maternity boudoir shoot instead? What better way to boost self-esteem than getting into beautiful lingerie, having a bit of fun and letting the camera capture your beauty through one of life’s greatest chapters. Are you expecting and interested in a bespoke boudoir maternity shoot across Byron Bay, Gold Coast or Brisbane?


Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.
— Pema Chödrön