Goddess Vibes

I recently spent five days up on a mountain in the Balinese jungle and I am happy to report that time slowed down. There were no phones beeping, no alerts calling for my attention, no TV in the background, no ads popping up every way I turned. It was BLISS. 

The interactions I shared with everyone were uninterrupted by technology, conversations were fully present and imaginations were in full swing. It felt like another planet and I was loving it! 

Being barefoot for five days wandering around green grassy paths and moss covered stones, down to swim in fresh water holes and explore the gardens was so good for the soul. 

We started each day with a morning yoga practice followed by a breakfast picked fresh from the garden. Flower mandala one day, manifestation workshop the next, waterfall swims with fresh flowers thrown in. It was the stuff of my hippy dreams. 

More than anything I relished the time to be alone with my thoughts and really drop in to what I wanted to achieve in life. Sure I think about that when I can but then the 'next' thing happens and life kind of carries me away... To actually stop and have the luxury of time to dream and plan was incredible. 

I am so clear on what I want to achieve in my business and that is EMPOWERING WOMEN and helping them "feel seen".  I have never been able to articulate it so well but a common phrase that came up over and over was "being seen". Actually being seen and appreciated for who you are. The ripple effect of you feeling your empowered self is so exponential it gives me goosebumps! 

I wanted to share some photos of the amazing women I photographed in Bali. Total Goddess vibes which made me realise even more the power of 'outdoor boudoir'. Actually, I don't even know if that's a fitting name for it... Maybe let's go with "Goddess Photography"?! I have done numerous outdoor shoots from Ibiza to Byron Bay and lots of places in between... and there really is something special that happens when you immerse yourself in nature. It goes primal. Sacred. This raw feminine energy comes coursing through and unleashes!  

If you're curious about a shoot, reach out. This Goddess Shoot may be just your thing.. I assure you it will be empowering AND fun! 

(Of course, if you're more of a luxe lady and enjoy the 1000 count sheets then I can still help bring out your inner Goddess in a temperature controlled comfort of a beautiful indoor shoot!)