Self Love with Sigrid Tasies

Do you struggle with self love? Did you know there are people who can help you with your self love journey? To teach you techniques to transform your inner dialogue & self-talk, develop skills to increase self-awareness and self-love, implement healthier habits and let go of self-limiting beliefs, victim states and fear! 

Well this, ladies and gentlemen, is one those lovely people - Sigrid Tasies. Sigrid is a Self-Empowerment Coach, Author and Yoga Instructor.  I loved meeting Sigrid, creating these gorgeous images for her new program and talking all things SELF LOVE and EMPOWERMENT! 

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"I feel deep passion about advocating the practice of unapologetic self-love as a way to increasing happiness, health and success, to create a life that we LOVE.

My work supports thousands of people while I travel the world facilitating transformational workshops and retreats, creating powerful coaching programs and conscious media content, and working one on one with people that seek to be the most empowered and happy version of themselves, like I imagine you might be."

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We’ve all heard of “self-love” but what does that really mean?

How can we understand, accept and honour ourselves to the highest of our capacity? And how can this help us transform all areas of our life?

“…As many psychology studies attest, self-love and compassion are key for mental health and well-being, keeping depression and anxiety at bay.” – Medical News Today

We live in a society where insecurity is encouraged more than self confidence, we are pressured to be perfect and to think of all the things we need to “fix” as opposed to all the ones we can embrace, it seems normal to suffer from low self-esteem, self-doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression…

Also often, we are taught to seek approval and comfort in others instead of within ourselves, creating unhealthy attachments and very little self-awareness.

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But we didn’t come into this world to play small and second-guess ourselves… We deserve to live the life we dream of.

Sigrid's SELF-LOVE LIKE A BOSS program is a course for women like you, who are ready to let go of all of that and to start feeling fully empowered.

If you're curious to find out more check out Sigrid's website HERE - you can even book an introductory call to find out more about her coaching. For daily inspiration you can follow this beautiful soul at @sigridtasies

Here's to more self love all around... x

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