I’m so nervous… I’ve always wanted to do a shoot but just haven’t actually gotten around to it yet… Any advice?

Yep, I get it. Totally. You might look at some of these photos and think “aw, I wish I had the confidence to do that” Well guess what? It comes! Your confidence might just need a little nudge… The first (and hardest) step is taking the plunge. If you have been considering a shoot, reach out and say hi! I am not scary, in fact I go out of my way to make you feel comfortable and supported. It’s not an act, I’ve always been like this (easy-going, calm Pisces kid right here) and over the years I’ve realised this is a trait of mine that makes me perfect for this role. If I can help you take time out for yourself, nurture yourself, encourage self-love and body confidence then that makes my soul shine. 

So back to those nerves and how to overcome them… I want us to get to know each other first. This could be a ten minute chat over the phone or meet up for a coffee… Come to my office, see all my work, ask as many questions as you like! The time doesn’t matter to me as it’s an investment in the end quality of your photos and the experience in general. If we meet and you still don’t feel comfortable then don’t book me - it’s that simple! No hard feelings. 

Ok, I want to book a shoot. What now?

Call or email me! If emailing, please include your phone number so I can give you a call. Then we work out a date.

Following that we discuss location, any ideas you might have in mind, what to wear, what to bring, what to do before hand etc. I will run you through all you need to know to ensure you are best prepared for an awesome photoshoot! 

How much is it? 

I charge a shoot fee and then packages for the end products. My shoot fee is $295 which includes all pre-shoot correspondence,  location scouting, wardrobe consultation, storyboard, 1 - 1.5 hours of shooting, coaching on posing, angles and movement, styling and fun! 

Should you wish to shoot in a hotel room, photographic studio or other venue that requires a hire fee this is an additional cost added to the shoot fee. I am based just out of Byron Bay however available for travel. Any shoots taking place outside of a 50km radius will incur a travel fee - just ask for more info if this applies to you. 

Please click here to find out more about print and product packages

Can we shoot at my house?

Absolutely! I have done lots of shoots at client’s homes as that is where they feel most comfortable. Don’t think you need to have a fancy bedroom or any special set-ups, we work with what we have. I would love to drop by before hand so I can check out the lighting situation and make a plan to utilise your environment to get the best shots.

I haven’t included hair and make up in my shoot fee as I’m astounded at how many women I know are awesome at doing their own hair and make-up! I am definitely not one of them, so if I was doing a shoot for myself I would want a professional to help me out! I can arrange this for you at an additional cost or you may wish to organise for yourself through your own contacts. I have some great contacts I can recommend. 

Is hair and make-up included? 

This is so personal and I feel the best advice can be given when we chat but to give a sweeping statement - wear something that makes you feel special! You might want to treat yourself and invest in something new for the shoot… If so, get the help of a friend or a sales assistant you get good vibes from! Ask for their advice on what plays up your favourite features and fits you nicely. 

We will discuss a few outfit choices and any props you may want to bring along. Do you have an ‘unusual’ request? Don’t be shy, I won’t judge! I’ve had a bride to be dress in Star Wars stuff as a fun present for her beloved… We had such a laugh and so much fun shooting. And he loved it of course! I can give more examples of personalising the shoots when we chat.

What should I wear?

Of course this is something I explicitly check with you prior to posting on my Instagram, Facebook or website. I take your privacy very seriously and after gaining your trust to take your beautiful pictures the last thing I would want to do is ruin that trust by doing something you are not comfortable with. Some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken will never be shown as that was my client’s wishes. No problemo! 

Ok, I want to do a shoot but really don’t want the pictures shown on social media!

Truth be told, I don’t like to use Photoshop. Sure it’s an amazing program and can do brilliant things but my aim is to capture you, in your own natural and beautiful essence. I use lighting and posing techniques to play up your features and accentuate your favourite parts of yourself. The right lighting is magic! 

If you want a photoshoot that is heavily retouched so you look like Barbie I am just not your girl. There’ll be no ‘airbrushing’ here.  I am all about natural, imperfect beauty… In all it’s glory! 

In saying that, if you wake up with a monster Mt Vesuvius pimple on the day of the shoot don’t stress! I am happy to use Photoshop to touch up a blemish here and there or get rid of a piece of hair that’s decided to pull an ‘Alfalfa’ on you but I won’t be changing your nose shape or trimming down your thighs. My mission is help women celebrate themselves, not add to the ‘perfection’ culture. 

This may seem scary and a little harsh given how prevalent image altering is these days but again, this is where the trust comes in. If you are a Facetune addict and can’t imagine a photo without skin smoothing and leg lengthening then tell me and we’ll chat more about it. You’ll be surprised at what lighting and posing can do to play up your features. 

Do you Photoshop my photos? 

Definitely. For me, self love and body confidence doesn’t necessarily mean loving EVERY part of myself… there are parts of my body I would rather not draw attention to. This comes back to getting to know each other so you feel comfortable enough to tell me these things so we can work around it and concentrate on the parts and traits you really LOVE!

So, speaking of favourite features, can I also tell you what I don’t like so much about myself so you can be sensitive to that?

When we shoot I will show you a couple here and there on camera so you can see how we’re going and show you how fabulous you look!  

Viewing of the final images will occur within one week of the shoot date. I can come to your house, you come to my studio or we can meet up somewhere where you can view and choose your favourites! 

Once you’ve selected the images and products you wish to purchase please allow one week for digital delivery or 4 weeks if you have chosen any print products. 

When do I see the photos?

Think black Italian leather albums, film strip polaroid prints, top quality satin finish prints.  Contact me for a full outline of packages, products and pricing.  

What kind of products do you offer?

What am I waiting for? 

Hmmm, I'm not sure! Contact me here or refer back to question 1. And remember... #YOLO. Your future self will thank you.