Jodi Plumbley 

I am a dreamer, a romantic and big on vibes and energy. 

It wasn't until my first trip to Paris, a place I had always dreamed of, that I discovered my true love of taking photos. I would wander the streets for days snapping away, picturing models in poses and locations.

After over a decade in the events industry I went on maternity leave to have my daughter and I was blessed to be in a headspace to explore what I really wanted to do...

I mentally gathered all the things I love... Love, fashion, rock & roll, sexy French attitude, black and white, hippy vibes, wabi-sabi things and places, champagne, waterfalls, nature and the list goes on...

I found a way to combine it all whilst doing one of my favourite and most important actions - inspiring confidence and self-love in my fellow women.

If someone is kind I see their beauty shine. Unfortunately in our youth and perfection obsessed society sometimes it's a little harder for them to see it in themselves.  I want to help you see your beauty... Capture that essence of you that other people see. 

I believe the photoshoot is as much about the experience as it is about the end product... I want to get to know you, what you like and what you don't so you can feel safe, relaxed and most importantly have fun. 

Come play, we'll make beautiful images you'll treasure forever. Reach out on email, phone or Instagram for packages and investment information. 

Giving Back

Support the Girls LOGO.png

I feel it's important to make a difference where you can and that's why I'm proud to align with "Support the Girls Australia - Empowering Women with Dignity and Respect - One Bra at a Time..."

One of the goals of Support The Girls Australia is to ensure that they empower and encourage self-esteem and well being in homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia by supplying them with the crucial items that they require to facilitate their overall health. So many women are in DESPERATE need of bras and personal hygiene products and toiletries. Too many are choosing food over their own personal well being.

So what does Support the Girls do and why are they different? They provide women with bras, sanitary products, toiletries, new underwear. Their main focus is bras. There are so many charities that focus on sanitary items but nobody does bras. They believe what sets them apart is that they actually support these women face to face. They measure and fit them, and whilst doing this they listen and find out what their needs are and then ensure they are connected to the relevant services. There is grey area in the service industry from this perspective. They do not just hand out product to support services to hand out to people.  This is done by their volunteers across the country. All donations stay within the community they are received from.

The women they are supporting are homeless for so many reasons. Domestic violence, financial hardship, loss of a spouse or circumstances beyond their control. We need to cater for all facets of being disadvantaged. There is a huge lack of awareness as to how women become homeless. Support the Girls believe breaking down the stigma is vital to get more community understanding and support on board.  The drug/alcohol fueled image portrayed by the media is so far from the truth. So many of these women are articulate, well educated women who through circumstances have found themselves on struggle street. Nobody is immune. 

Together we can make a difference in women's lives - typically before a boudoir shoot you probably sort through your undie draw wondering what the heck to wear... Could you spare an extra five minutes to consider any unwanted bras that you might like to donate? You can bring them along to your shoot and I will donate to the drop off points. I also pledge to donate $25 from every shoot to support their fund raising.  

If you've read this and feel called to help the cause you can find out more information here - Support the Girls Australia 


Kind Words from Women I've Worked With...  

A true artist that takes the time to get to know who she is capturing, so she can show their truth.
An absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderful, talented woman!
— Lisa
I can’t recommend Jodi enough! I haven’t had Boudoir photos done before so was a little nervous and not sure on what to do but as soon as I met with Jodi she instantly made me feel relaxed and confident. The whole shoot was so much fun! The photos also turned out amazing and there were so many too choose from. The whole service Jodi offers from initial contact to delivery was a 5 out of 5! Highly recommended.
— Lorenn
Thank you so much Jodi! So professional but so fun!!! Couldn’t recommend your shoots any higher!!! Thanks again.
— Nicole
Jodi makes you feel comfortable, you get to have a laugh and a wine and just relax and get some absolutely amazing photos done. I was nervous as I’m not a fan of my body but I couldn’t decide what photos to choose. Just amazing, would recommend her to anyone.
— Lisa M.
One of the best photoshoot experiences I’ve ever had! At first I was hesitant to doing a shoot, I felt like I wasn’t in a place where I needed sexy photos of myself, nor did I feel all that sexy to be able to bring it through.

Though I found the courage to ask Jodi and soon as we started she helped me drop in to the sweet sensual woman that I truly am! She made me feel so comfortable and free, I feel like she instantly knew the feel of what I wanted to portray and captured it perfectly!

I felt like she brought out this radiance that resides deep inside me and I felt so empowered to shine my unique light. From looking at the photos she took, I think it’s some of the most beautiful photos of me to date! I could see the authenticity of myself shining through, which to me, is the most stunning thing to be captured in a photograph. Her style is classic and timeless, I feel like I’ll cherish these pictures forever.

I’m so so grateful to have had this experience with Jodi, she is an absolute talent behind the lens and a kind wonderful woman to spend time with!
— Xöe
Working with Jodi was amazing! Not only I love the pictures that she took of me, but she made me feel super comfortable and safe to express myself infront of the camera. She made it very easy! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful and capturing so much of my essence. Will definetily love to work with you again Jodi!
— Sigrid