Confessions from the Other Side... of the Camera

I knew I had to get my photo taken... There was no way around it. I'd scoured all my archives for something I could use as an 'About Me' photo. Zilch. I thought about not having one on here but after meeting an overseas model for a shoot who was surprised I was a woman I thought I better. I'm definitely not a man, man.  I am awkward in front of a camera, after 34 years I still don't know my 'good side'... 

So. What do I tell my clients to do...? Think Jodi, think! I did the usual, washed my hair, put on make up and covered the pimples on my chin as best I could. I knew I only wanted a cropped photo but I put on my favourite high heels... because they make me FEEL GOOD. (In a confident way, not in a literal comfortable foot way) 

I strutted out to where we taking the photo. The wind was blowing, my tension was high. Something wasn't right... It was too quiet. So out comes the speaker with a playlist of Rolling Stones, The Doors and John Lennon. Because they also make me FEEL GOOD. (Thanks lads)

My philosophy - if you feel good, you look good! 

We start snapping away, me posing nervously trying to channel Tyra Banks. I ask the photographer (my dear beloved who I set the camera up for) to see some of them... OMG. Do I really look like that? OMG look at my double chin. OMG I need to suck my tummy in. OMG... OMG... Then I realised... This is what I get upset at my beautiful clients for doing! I see beautiful women but all they seem to see is their 'flaws'. It's human nature I concede.  So I took a deep breath, shook it out and started again. Sure, I was still a little self conscious but I relaxed and tried to have more fun with it. We were telling jokes and being silly. I had to delete 23 photos with my eyes half closed and about three 'Blue Steels' but after much deliberation I settled on one. (Pimples removed - thanks Photoshop) 

Point of this ramble? I get it. I know the feelings. But I also know that as uncomfortable as I was and no matter how many 'flaws' I can see in myself today I know I will look back on these photos at some stage in the future and think "wow, wish I looked like that now!"  

Happy shooting beautiful souls, remember to be kind to yourselves x